Street Food

Street Food

This is my favourite image I took this week. It's also my most frustrating. I was racing to be on time for a meeting with my old colleague and friend at University College London when I saw this street food vendor working at his grill. The wind was blowing against him and the thick coils of smoke enveloped him making the fry cook look demonic with only his head visible. Unfortunately by the time I had grabbed my camera out of my backpack and asked for his permission to shoot, the wind direction had changed. I took a few images in the borrowed time I had but then had to leg it. A missed opportunity but I still love the image I did get.

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Hello - Welcome to my Website

I’ve never written a blog before so this will be an adventure for me. I figure that if I am happy writing short concise posts with an image I have recently worked on I am more likely to update this every week or two.

Anyway, welcome to my site! I hope you like my images. I plan to add more as I go along though the cadence will depend on how busy life is at any one time. I love all genres of photography, especially landscape, so it is unlikely that my one reader - hello mum - will need to wait for too long.

To kick things off here is perhaps my favourite image to date. I took on a cold misty January morning in 2018. I was heading down a muddy old track to Dangan Castle in Meath in Ireland when I happened to look behind me and my jaw dropped when I saw the dawn sunbeams crest the hill line and light up the scene. Commence much fumbling of tripod, camera, lenses, filters to capture this glorious ephemeral moment in time.

Dangan Castle Sunrise-.jpg